Lovers of Martyn  BENNETT will definitely consider SKILDA as a proud & devoted heir. If you like tribal grooves & multicolored ecstasy, don’t miss Skilda’s Spas odyssey.   


Be prepared for a ride that proves exhilarating...put on your dancing shoes,and boogie on down like a dancing dervish.

Pete Fyfe


A fantastic encounter between Brittany & Scotland, a wonderful fusion of electronic rhythms & beautiful Hebridean waulking songs.  

P. Cousin - Trad mag


An example of fusion of electronic beats and gaelic singing. A cosmic celtic trip.

F.J - Le Télégramme (daily- Brittany)


The art of writing a song is completely mastered ; the music is astonishing and beautiful,  an anthem to Stone and Landscapes, powerful to the point of creating a sort of danse-trance.

Y. P – Armor Magazine (Brittany)


One of today’s most important Celtic bands. From Skye to Enez Eussa, these super-gifted musicians mix samples -beats, waves, stones- with synths, bass and celtic vocals. A discovery.

France3 West (tv) 


Electro rhythms and celtic melodies unleashed. A perfect balance, a trip from the Earth to the Sky. Gaels danse but also dream.

F.T – Keltia Magazine (Brittany)


Celtic tradition & electronic drum’n’ bass top production. Great.

Bretons Mag

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