SKILDA is an exciting group, exploring the trance elements

created by fusing roots and electronica music. They first emerged with the album ’13 Dreams’ on the Survival label (alongside Capercaillie) , and made a name in the UK festivals , especially in Wales and Scotland , where they recorded their live album , at Knockengorroch. After a rmx album , featuring a collaboration with one of the most important names of the world/ rock London scene , Transglobal Underground , Skilda released Skyewalker , an album featuring legendary Supertramp sax player John Helliwell.

The next album ’Skyewalker’ (Celluloid),  was produced at leader Konan Mevel ’s own studio in Brittany and in Staffin (Isle Of Skye).


In September 2017 Skilda are coming back with a new album, THE RETURN OF THE SKYEWALKER , a new «  explosion of techno folk rock »!

Kohann : she's released two albums at Warner (France) in a Trip Hop project called KOHANN , before writing the music for French Movie star Isabelle Adjani 's latest movie (" La journée de la jupe") and joining Skilda as the lead singer. She's been nicknamed" Brittany's Bjork" by a french journalist..


Konan Mevel  : created the band Skilda. Has shared the last 6 or 7 years between Brittany & Scotland. Strongly influenced by the trance in both roots and electronica music.

Emmanuel Devorst  : a young Breton/Belgian guitarist who studied folk music with an Irish teacher in Brittany while beeing deeply fond of the nu-metal genre .